here have been numerous articles written about THE BUBBIE BREAK, CHASE K-9 HERO, and RIGHTEOUS HUMOUR. These articles are available upon request. Currently, Film West Associates is distributing RIGHTEOUS HUMOUR into schools, libraries, and various other institutions.


HASE K-9 HERO: This is a one hour documentary created by JAMS Productions about an amazing police dog and his handler. The documentary has been broadcast across Canada on a regional and national basis. It is currently being broadcast on COURT TV Canada.

The documentary was also broadcast on The New WI in Windsor, The New PL in London, The New NI in Wingham, The New VR in Barrie, and The New RO in Ottawa. The media response to CHASE K-9 HERO was overwhelming.

CHASE K-9 HERO has been broadcast in prime time on three different occasions this year.

STATUS: Chase K-9 Hero is available for distribution on an international basis. An agreement was recently reached with COURT TV regarding CHASE K-9 HERO. COURT TV will broadcast CHASE K-9 HERO across Canada. There has also been international interest in the documentary.

IGHTEOUS HUMOUR: The producers created a one-hour documentary that takes a look at the role of humour when it comes to religion. Every major world faith group is represented in the documentary. It was broadcast across Canada on the Vision Television Network.

JAMS Productions believes in creating television programs that entertain and inform. RIGHTEOUS HUMOUR is a feel good documentary that treats all participants with respect, and listens as religious leaders and experts share their thoughts on the subject.

STATUS: The producers are currently looking at international broadcast opportunities for RIGHTEOUS HUMOUR. There is also a vibrant after-market in terms of colleges, universities, religious institutes, and libraries.

EXTRAS: Read the official RIGHTEOUS HUMOUR press release in HTML format or PDF format (note: Adobe Acrobat Reader is needed to view the file).

TAINED PAST: This is a one-hour documentary that looks at the art of Stained Glass. This art form can be found in numerous major institutions across North America, from train stations to religous institutions.

STATUS: The producers have pitched this domentary to BRAVO! in Canada and are currently waiting for a response.

HAT'S COOKING WITH GRANDMA: Each week a different grandmother bakes or cooks the favourite foods of their grandchildren. This show covers different ethnic groups, and there are at least four different grandmothers on every episode.

STATUS: A pilot has been shot, and the producers will soon be sending letters of inquiry to the international marketplace.

HE BUBBIE BREAK: This is the first television series that JAMS Productions produced, and is the only television series in North America dedicated to the interests, issues, and concerns that grandparents face on a daily basis. The series also looks at celebrities and athletes and the role that their grandparents have played in their lives.

THE BUBBIE BREAK took a look at all the interests, issues, and concerns that grandparents face on a daily basis. It was the first commercial television series in Canada to have an Executive Producer/Host who was a female over sixty-five.

THE BUBBIE BREAK was purchased for broadcast by stations in Arizona, New York, New Jersey, Utah, Virginia, Kentucky, and Oregon. This series also aired for five years on both a regional and national basis across Canada and received very strong positive response from the media.

STATUS: There are currently fifty-two half hour episodes ready for broadcast. The media response to THE BUBBIE BREAK (including The Wall Street Journal) has always been extremely positive.

EXTRAS: For all things BUBBIE, click HERE.

IGGLY, WIGGLY, WONKERS & SNOUT: This live-action series is geared to young children. It will feature four piglets (three brothers and a sister) who live together on a farm. There are no humans in the series at all. The piglets have a stellar supporting cast of farm animals, including a miniature donkey named Poncho the Head Honcho, Calfy Calf, and Bossy Cow.

Each story involving HIGGLY, WIGGLY, WONKERS & SNOUT teaches the children a lesson. The animals talk directly to each other. The producers expect to dub the voices into different languages for the international market.

STATUS: The proudcers have created a children's book in English and Chinese. A CD with the theme song in English and Chinese has been recorded in a professional sound studio. The producers are excited about the licensing possibilities.

The creator of the series has written a tremendous number of HIGGLY, WIGGLY, WONKERS & SNOUT stories.

HE COLLECTING KIDS: This series takes a look at the things children love to collect. There will be a complementary Web Site created to support the television programs.

STATUS: A pilot has been shot. There was tremendous interest from a television distribution company about getting involved in creating a series. The producers did not get the right vibes and decided to wait to produce the series. It is believed that the series will meet all educational guidelines and could be a very important teaching tool.


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