AMS Productions Inc. is a Bowmanville, Ontario based Independent Television Production Company.

JAMS Productions was incorporated in 1990 and has proudly been involved in creating innovative television programming since that time.

The first television series that JAMS Productions produced was known as THE BUBBIE BREAK. This series aired for five years on both a regional and national basis across Canada and received very strong positive response from the media.

JAMS Productions believes in creating television programs that entertain and inform. RIGHTEOUS HUMOUR is a feel-good documentary that treats all participants with respect, and listens as religious leaders and experts share their thoughts on the subject.

There have been numerous articles written about THE BUBBIE BREAK, CHASE K-9 HERO, and RIGHTEOUS HUMOUR. These articles are available upon request. Currently Film West Associates is distributing Righteous Humour into schools, libraries, and various other institutions.


I would like to take this opportunity to thank all the people who still care about "The Bubbie Break." I am always pleasantly surprised when people recognize me and tell me they loved my show. To tell you the absolute truth, I loved doing it and I miss it.

We produced 65 half hour episodes but only 52 were ever shown. It was frustrating when the series was taken off the air, and I wish we would have made different arrangements regarding the Host Broadcaster, but that was then and this is now, and we can’t go back in time, we have to go forward...



I have always loved the production business, but I have always considered my family to be my number one priority. When the United States threw an embargo on Canadian dairy cattle entering into the United States on May 19th, 2003, I knew my life was going to change, but I had no idea how drastically. I also knew I had to help my dad as much as I could as the suspected Mad Cow Case impacted us harder than anyone else in the industry. Approximately 95% of our business was export, and almost overnight, we were hammered when our export markets were taken away. It was like a bad nightmare.

I was fortunate enough to sign a deal with Canadian Learning Television to do a documentary called “DARK DAYS IN COW COUNTRY,” and it is in the process of becoming an epic. I have to thank Canadian Learning Television for their incredible patience. Their faith in us will be rewarded.

I am living the title and watching first hand all the problems in Canadian Agriculture and how many of the small dairy farmers and dairy cattle brokers have had their lives impacted in a negative way, and how many are throwing in the towel. The embargo on Canadian dairy cattle into the United States has resulted in many lives being ruined. In the interim, Production is still a big part of our life, and we are working on some other super sensational projects that we believe the viewing audiences are going to love. We look forward to the future with great anticipation.

We will update this website more frequently and keep everyone updated on what’s happening at JAMS Productions Inc. We have a great slate of future programs and are very excited about the potential.

P.S.: Our documentary about religion and humour ("RIGHTEOUS HUMOUR") is available through filmwest.com. It is timely, and I’m sure you will find it very educational and informative and funny. It is needed in these crazy times. Ciao for now…


If I was going to write an autobiography, I think it would be a hard sell because truth is stranger than fiction! It is hard to believe that I have moved to the country and have the privilege of looking out of my office trailer and seeing blue jays, rabbits, miniature donkeys, cats and sometimes many, many -- far too many -- pigeons! Our farm happens to sit on an access road to Highway 401 so Toronto is just minutes away. It has all worked out very well. It is also very special spending so much time with my dad. He is an amazing person and has insights that bring totally different perspectives to all of our projects. People are different out here. They tell you what they think and they tell you HONESTLY. Something that you don’t always find in our industry. Anyway, we are working very hard to bring you new and exciting quality programming. We are also working on some very special spin-off projects that I am very proud of. So, stay tuned...the song “Green Acres Is The Place For Me” keeps running through my head!! Talk to you soon…Susie.


Hmm. They asked me to write an article for this website and said I could write on absolutely any topic I desired. So, I thought and thought and thought. I thought about writing and telling you what JAMS stands for but that would take about two seconds unless I made up something very exotic. Than I thought if I wrote about JAMS I could give you THE REAL history of our company, what it's like to work with family and stuff like that but than I thought I'd take this a little bit more personal and tell you a little bit about my job as a Producer in a small independent production company.

So, here I am…Susie the Producer…sounds glamorous, huh? Well, to tell you the truth, sometimes it is. It is when you have a show that gets coverage in The Wall Street Journal and it is when you have a successful press launch. But it also isn't most of the time.



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