For all of my friends who have read my column, "The Bubbie Break," or watched my television program also called "The Bubbie Break," I say welcome to the internet. ("The Bubbie Break" is my grandparenting talk show…as I say, "A grandmother in any language means love." The show was on TV for five seasons and aired nationally in Canada and in pockets of the United States.) So…to all of the people who will be coming to our new website for visits, I hope I can keep you informed about what is happening in this busy grandmother's life.

I believe that every senior has an obligation to themself to stay busy. It is incredibly important to keep your mind active and not let yourself become a couch potato. Time goes by sooo fast and you must make it count!

I have done something that my grandchildren have wanted me to do for many years. I have written the stories that I have been telling them since they were little toddlers. The stories are about, "Higgly, Wiggly, Wonkers & Snout...four little pigs who know what it's about!" Believe it or not I have 60 to 70 stories and that's just the beginning. We have had these stories illustrated by a professional illustrator. We are hoping to have them published soon but if you are interested in purchasing these wonderful tales than please drop me a line. In fact, feel free to drop me a line about anything that you would like to discuss on this website. I'm always happy to hear from other grandparents. My e-mail address is marion@jamsproductions.ca.

In my next column, I'll tell you more about my busy life. Trust me when I tell you…there's a lot going on!




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