If you want someone to follow in your footsteps
Make sure you leave a good imprint.

Invest in your self-esteem
It's as important as having money in the bank.

An infant is like a lump of clay
If it is molded properly it becomes a piece of art.

If you speed and take unnecessary chances,
You'd better be prepared to live with the consequences.

Before passing judgment, make sure you know the facts
Not what you think are the facts.

Clothes may make you look good on the outside
But it's what's inside that counts.

The taste of a fresh baked cookie from Grandma
Is as memorable as a photograph.

When Grandpa says you did a good job
It is better than an "A" from the teacher.

The greatest gift a Mother can receive
Is becoming a Grandmother.

Think before you speak
Because words can not be swallowed.

If you don't speak nicely about your Children and Grandchildren
Who will?

If a child's privacy is invaded
It is as devastating as a blow.

No Child is asked to brought into this world
It is your responsibility to raise them with love and understanding.

To give praise costs nothing
To give criticism costs self-esteem.

When you are little
Grandparents are ten feet tall.

Make sure you are always there for your Grandchildren
Because someday your Grandchildren will be there for you.

In a Grandchild's eyes
Grandparents are too powerful to be old.

Grandparents are God's reinforcements for parents.

If Mom and Dad are busy
Grandpa and Grandma aren't.

It doesn't matter how many miles separate a Grandparent and a Grandchild
There is no distance on the highway of the heart.

Life is like a Ferris Wheel
It has its ups and downs.

It's better not to have the first drink
If the last drink may make you a statistic.

A Child lives by example
If you aren't considerate of others neither will they be.

The most important relationship between a Grandchild and Grandparent
Is that of a friend.

Study dear children
Till you are old
For a good education
Is better than gold
Gold and silver will vanish away
But a good education will never decay.

From the time that your born
Till you ride in a hearse
Things are never so bad
That they couldn't be worse.

There is a Bubbie born every minute.

When in doubt, call your Bubbie.

Don't go down to anyone's level
Always try to keep yourself a head above the rest.

If you want your Children and Grandchildren to respect you
You have to set the example and give respect.

To win an argument, don't sacrifice your integrity
Better to lose an argument than your self-respect.

If by cheating you think you're a winner
You're wrong, you're a loser.

A Grandchild is like gold
Very precious and a treasured commodity.

When a child's foundation is being laid
Make sure that love is the cement that keeps it solid.

A man or woman can be ten feet tall
But with one harsh word can be reduced to feeling very small.

When you plant an idea
Don't expect it to flower overnight
It takes patience and caring.

A child is like a brook
Clean and bubbling unless someone pollutes it.

Don't make waves in the wrong places
You might be pulled in by the undertow.

When you dig up dirt about others
Be careful you don't fall into the hole.

Words can be as powerful as a knife
Sharp and to the point!

If a child repeats what he hears
Make sure he hears the right things.

You're born with nothing
You die with nothing
Make sure while you're here on earth you make something of yourself.

Don't borrow trouble
Everyone has a large share of their own.

A Recipe from the Bubbie
Lots of Love
Sprinkle with understanding and respect
The result is a family who cares.

A Child learns by example
Set an example you will be proud to have followed
If a Grandchild is going through Stormy times
Be there until the sun shines.

Never look at people who have more than you
Look at those who have less and you'll always be satisfied.

Children repeat what they hear
Make sure they hear things that bear repeating.

Time moves on, life moves on
Make sure your children and Grandchildren know that you love them all the time.

Leave your Grandchildren a legacy
A legacy of love.

There is nothing as beautiful as watching a child grow up
Unless it is watching a Grandchild grow up.

Teach your Grandchildren to treasure yesterday,
Enjoy today and look forward to the excitement of tomorrow.

Never stop a Grandchild from dreaming
The greatest gifts have come out of dreams.

Teach your Grandchildren about family history
Someday those Grandkids will be the keepers of knowledge.

You can accomplish anything in life
As long as you don't quit.

Your Grandchild's future
Is often a reflection of your past.

Sometimes the bond between Grandparent and Grandchild
Is a bond between the past and future.

Listen, really listen to your Grandchildren
Sometimes they have more wisdom than you realize, and you can learn from them.

If a Grandchild asks for help, you have a responsibility to do everything in your power
To be there for them, that's what being a Grandparent is all about.

Not all Parents and Grandparents get along,
Work it out somehow, otherwise the big losers are the Grandchildren.

Teach your Grandchildren the importance of respect towards others
And they will respect you.

Encourage your Grandchildren, Support them, Believe in them, and Trust them,
They will appreciate you forever.

Never forget what's important, Health, Happiness, and Family
Everything else is gravy.

Teach your Grandchildren to be confident without being arrogant,
Everybody has something they can feel proud of.

If you are angry with a daughter or son-in-law,
Keep the hostility away from the Grandchildren, they are innocents.

Grandchildren are the most special people in the world to Grandparents.

Make sure growing up is a special time
No child should have their fun or innocence stolen.

Every Grandparent should consider themselves an artist
They can help create excitement for a Grandchild with a broad stroke of the imagination.

A new Grandparent is born every second.

Teach your Grandchildren the importance of seeing images in the clouds,
They will never get bored and their imagination will flourish.

Treat your Grandchildren with respect and love
And you will get the love back over and over.

Admitting to a Grandchild that you make mistakes sometimes
Is the best example a Grandchild can have that there is no such thing as absolute perfection.

There is absolutely no such thing as spoiling a Grandchild with love.

Grandchildren can see through phoniness
Like a dog can smell out a fire hydrant.

Sometimes making sacrifices for Grandchildren
Can become the most rewarding part of life.

When your Grandchild gets a driver's license and comes to pick you up
Get in that car and go for a spin, confidence begets confidence.

Grandchildren are the dividends of love.

No matter how rich or poor, no matter the color of a person's skin, or religious background
There is a always a Grandparent out there who cares.

If more people would teach their Grandchildren that Hate was wrong
The world would be a better place to live.

The worst thing that can happen to a Grandparent is to be alone and ignored
Plant the seeds now, so it won't happen to you.

The only good institution is one of higher learning.

Never try to hide your age
The only person you'll end up fooling is yourself.

Treat all people at all times with respect
The end result will be a contented feeling.

You should never concern yourself with explaining death to a Grandchild
You should concentrate on living life with them.

If you embarrass a person by being rude or offensive
Then you are a fool, and hurt yourself more than you have hurt them.

When you get upset about something
Ask yourself what the difference will be in one hundred years.

Cherish a good marriage
From there you will have good children and good Grandchildren.

Sometimes a Great Aunt has more Grandchildren than a maternal Grandmother.

If you are having communications problems with a Grandchild
Try writing a letter, sometimes the written word can unlock the heart.

As a Grandparent don't forget the important things in a Grandchild's life
Like Birthday presents.

If a Parent asks the Grandparent to withdraw from a particular scene
As long as it doesn't affect your Grandchild's mental or physical health,
Heed the request.

If you suspect a Grandchild is being abused
You must get involved, Your involvement could end up saving a soul or a life.

If you don't like the In-laws in your family, try to find the common ground
If you do, your Grandchildren will be much happier when you see them.

Never chastise a Parent for their parenting skills in front of a Grandchild
Nobody wins and the respect level drops all the way around.

Expressing love to a Grandchild is a sign of reality.

There is a difference between being a Babysitter for your Grandchildren
And being taken for granted.

Take lots of photos of your Grandchildren
It is very important that memories are preserved and it is always fun to look back.

Sometimes creating a family tree with Grandchildren
Can end up as the most wonderful voyage you can ever go on.

No self respecting Grandparent will have an empty fridge on the inside
Or will be missing their Grandchildren's art work on the outside.

When your Grandchild does something for the first time, share the excitement
The Grandchild will never forget your reaction.

Sometimes the hardest thing a Grandparent has to do is butt out of a Grandchild's life.

Great Grandchildren are the extra bonus
The surprise in a box of Cracker Jack.

Great Grandchildren allow for more stories, more games, more fun.

Grandchildren who have Grandparents who care are lucky,
Those who don't have or don't know their Grandparents are at a great disadvantage.

If you are feeling sorry for yourself
Just go to a Nursing home, and see what those people have to say.

Where is there a law that says you have to act your chronological age.

Happiness comes in weird ways
Sometimes it's as simple as I love you Grandma at the end of a conversation.

Parents who physically abuse their children
Are creating internal scars that might never heal.

If a Grandchild asks a Grandparent for help
It should always be the number one priority in a Grandparent's life.

Grandparents are sometimes perceived by Grandchildren as Towers of Power
And if the foundation is solid, they are right!

Grandparents would be wise not to demand anything from Grandchildren
But, provide them with unconditional love.

The Holiday season should have two main purposes:
To celebrate and commemorate the holiday season
And to reaffirm the importance of family.

It is easier for a Grandchild to mow in with a Grandparent
Than it is for a Grandparent to move in with a Grandchild.

Is there anything more wonderful than sitting back and listening
To A Grandchild express dreams for the future?

One of the most important life messages that you can leave with a Grandchild
Is that moderation is the key to life.

Take the time to go over old Photo Albums with your Grandchildren
Otherwise, the people in the pictures will have no relevance or meaning.

Live everyday like your last and you'll be amazed at how much you enjoy life.

Let your Grandchildren help you plant your Garden
You will be able to watch your flower and Grandchildren grow at the same time.

Grandparents have an important message to pass on to Parents
When a Grandchild reaches a certain age it is important to cut the umbilical cord
Otherwise growth will be strangled.

A Grandchild is like a sponge
Make sure they absorb the right things.

No child asks to be born into this world
It is the Parent's responsibility to make sure that once the child is here
That they have every opportunity to have a great life.

Parents who hit their children when it comes to discipline
Must have had lousy childhoods.

Never underestimate the interest your Grandchildren will have in the past
If you instill in them a sense of pride, you will be setting the stage for the future.

Great Grandchildren are the flowers on the icing of the cake
That extra sweet bonus.

Grandchildren are like flowers that require nurturing and love so they can grow strong and healthy.

Your Grandchildren should feel that your home is really their home.

If your Grandchild is participating in a Special Event
Make sure and attend, you both will feel the pride.

A Child is like a Cloud
There aren't two the same.

A Child's laughter is like medicine
It brings a smile to the most chronic grouch.

A child that is born in a house without love
Is like a tree that is barren and never has fruit.

A Child that your praise
Will walk straight and tall
But one that is abused
Will look shrunken and small.

A Child is like a flower bud
It will open and bloom
With love and respect
But will wither and die
With abuse and neglect.

A Child is like a ship
It will weather any storm,
If the stabilizers are there
To help it run smooth.

Grandparents spend their whole lives giving out love to Children and Grandchildren
It is why they are Grand.

A Grandparent is the role model for the family to follow.

There is nothing that can replace a child's smile after he scores his first goal in hockey
Or a Grandparent's pride in watching their Grandchild play in the game.

Satisfaction comes from a Grandparent knowing
That their Grandchildren are on the right track.

There are some things that money can't buy
Like the love of a Grandchild for a Grandparent
And vice versa.

There is no better feeling in the world,
Than holding a Grandchild for the very first time.

The sound of a Child or Grandchild laughing
Is the most beautiful sound in the entire world.




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